My Dog Cries for Bottles

My dog Pepper is a little obsessed with plastic bottles. If a plastic bottle appears in my home she will stare at it and cry without end.

The bottles don’t even have to have been offered to her. Simply seeing them on the counter is enough to make her sit, stare, and whine for hours. If she gets the chance to grab it, then she will hide in the closet so she can destroy it in peace.

Why do we ever buy dog toys if the recycling bin is just as fun?

Winter in My Car

I’ve discovered a flaw in the heating system of my car. I reported this to many of the boys I know and probably just as many girls which of course lead to various reactions.

Mostly the boys said “I bet it’s the X” and told me to go see a guy.
The girls mostly said “I know a guy” and sent me contact information.
One girl said “let’s call my dad.”
One guy said things that made me think “he must be a mechanic.”

“Are you a mechanic?” I asked.
“I was in college,” he replied before asking me further questions.

Really, though, it’s not anything to be fixed by a mechanic. It is really more like a flaw in winter.

See, my knees freeze.

You can direct all the air at the face, all the air at your feet or all the air at the windows. You can also combine face/feet and feet/windows. You cannot, however, direct that air at your knees. I don’t care how long your legs are or how much you contort those little heating vents. There’s just no way to warm your knees.

Thanks, winter, for reminding me how much you hate me.