Updating Every Last Profile

It’s been about eight months since I last cut my hair. My face hasn’t changed at all, but you would be surprised how much six extra inches of hair can change the way you look. Like most people, I have a tendency to get one good photo and leave it for as long as humanly possible, but I’m officially at the point where I just have to update it. I have the photo, that’s not the issue. It’s that there are approximately six-squidillion sites that have my photo on them.

The very thought of updating all of them is sending shudders of dread down my spine.

You don’t realize as you wander through life just how many social media profiles you’ve amassed until you have to do something like update a single obsolete piece of data. At first you update facebook and Linkedin. Those make sense. After a while you remember about Google Plus and update that.

You are fairly certain you’re done, but then you are doing an image search of yourself one day (don’t act like you haven’t), and you stumble on your about.me page. Then your ello page. Then tumbler. And Flickr. Each discovery compells you to search for the next car of the electronic train wreck that is your online presence. It’s like some cosmic joke at the expense of all the early adopters out there.

I would find it funny if I weren’t about to spend ten hours of my life reliving my misspent youth.

This of course doesn’t apply to anything I use gravatar with. That thing is the unicorn of profile photo management.

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