Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s good to practice a bit of gratitude throughout the year, but it feels like we could all use an extra helping in 2020. So, here are a few things I’m thankful for, and grateful to have in my life!

  1. A network of family and friends who are generously supportive.
  2. The ability (and time) to learn new things.
  3. The privilege to do work that I believe in, with deeply passionate people.
  4. Tacos.
  5. And, especially so this year, my health, well-being, and safety in general.

What are you particularly grateful for?

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  1. harmonyromo says:

    I’ve gone through this activity with my children this year, but I haven’t actually laid out my own feelings, so here goes:

    1. A family and friend group who have remained in good spirits and health throughout the year
    2. A feeling of stability on the work front during this rough and tumble year
    3. Sunshine
    4. Musicians who haven’t let this year slow them down and who have shared some amazing tunes with the world
    5. Facetime that has allowed visits with those family members we haven’t been able to travel and see in person

    1. Josepha says:

      Gosh, doesn’t stability feel in short supply in the US right now? That’s something I’m also grateful for.

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