Updates from Home: The Animal Edition

It is always the case that I write about animals on this blog. My dog Pepper is a frequent focus since she lives with me and it also incredibly adorable.

But this week I received two wonderful stories about two animals gone astray.

The Disorderly Donkey

This is the story of a very silly donkey and his freedom run around town. This donkey had escaped from somewhere, I don’t know where, in the sunny college town in which he lived. Having discovered this new and wonderful freedom, he took to the neighboring yards. Some well-meaning citizen called the police and our dear friend the donkey, not ready to be once again a captive, began running through the streets.

If you’re not already smiling from the vision of this unfettered creature galloping through city streets, imagine a police officer chasing it down while shouting “Stop, Donkey, Stop!”.

In the end, the donkey was apprehended and returned to its rightful home.

The Fleeing Feline

This is the story of a very small cat. She is an indoor cat, but on this particular day was outside, tethered to a metal table. What with one thing and another, she became scared. The world is, afterall, a very big place for a very small cat. She was so scared that she ran away in fright.

If you are like me, you would think the table tether would stop her progress. It did not. She ran so fiercly from her fears that she took the metal table with her. The table, clangy as metal tables are wont to be, clanged along behind her causing evermore fearful running.

She, too, was aprehended in the end and returned to her rightful home.

And Thus Ends Our Stories

Now with all creatures returned safe and sound, we may all go along our merry ways. And remember… keep an eye on your pets!

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