A Duolingo Update

Since the last time I mentioned my Spanish learning adventure, I have made it to 15% fluency according to the app. As a colleague subsequently mentioned, there surely isn’t that much of a gradient when it comes to language fluency. Surely it’s more of a “now you can hold a conversation whereas before you could not.”

Be that as it may, 15% fluent I am which means I can talk semi-coherently about half of the days of the week or very coherently about whether or not my dog eats rice, drinks milk, or is in fact my dog.

Si, mi perro comen arroz.

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  1. admin · September 6, 2015

    Mi perro comen todos. But my Spanish vocabulary ranges from utilitarian to political, so I might seem more fluent (if I were ever going to try using the many words in my passive vocabulary) if I happened to be discussing politics, while you might feel more fluent if you were discussing dogs.

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