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Things I Learned While Traveling to Brisbane

One of my favorite parts of traveling, other than checking out the local architecture, is how I get the chance to broaden my horizons. I recently told someone that you aren’t really an adult until you get out of your comfort zone, out of your country, and start learning about other cultures.

My short trip to Brisbane reminded me a little about international travel, but also taught me a little about the local history and flavor of Brisbane, QLD.

  • Asking people to politely deplane out of order doesn’t work.
  • Planes are huge.
  • LAX has shuttles that drive on the tarmac and thankfully obey signs that day “stop for planes”.
  • The Queensland University of Technology has this cool thing called The Cube.
  • Cab drivers drive crazy.
  • The art museums on the South Bank are jaw-droppingly wonderful.
  • Australia isn’t liberal with free public Wifi.
  • I had a wonderful chat with a fellow woman-in-STEMM at Super Whatnot (what a great name, amiright) after we failed to make it to Brew.
  • Australia is called… Oz. I can’t tell if that’s a local thing or not, so correct me if I’m wrong.
  • Aussies are very friendly.
  • The Emu War of 1932
  • Queen Street Mall gets millions of visitors a year.
  • When you embark on the way back, your next day is both tomorrow and today.
  • Meat pies are amazing.
  • Brisbane uses the word “riparian,” which I’ve only ever heard in British comedies up until now, all along the river that snakes through the city.

Next up? Photos from the journey!

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