Road Trips with Large Dogs

Summer is starting which mostly means that my fridge will begin to feature pitchers of lemonade and tons of salad makings. It also means road trips.

I take a ton of road trips over the course of a year and I like to take Pepper when it’s possible. For any of you who have traveled with dogs you know there are a lot of difficulties inherent in that.

Over the years though, I’ve decided there are a handful of failsafe things you should do when riding in the car with your canine.

  1. No food for at least four hours before the trip.
  2. Crack the windows a little to help with the pressure changes.
  3. If you have a seat that straps the dog in and immobilizes them, face it toward the front or back windows.
  4. Take the dog for a run first.

That last one might be cheating, but it works all the same.

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