Eating with Chopsticks

I made Chicken Fried Rice last night which I ate with chopsticks. There’s something really nice about eating with chopsticks sometimes. I don’t own my own though perhaps I should consider it. At the moment I just hoard spare sets from the restaurants I frequent and surely they would like to use them for their own customers and their own foods. I don’t know why I enjoy using chopsticks.

I assume it has something to do with the full experience.

Like my mini espresso spoons. Regular spoons work just as well, but I bought a set of mini spoons for the full experience. Ditto to the mini-whipper (I already owned a mini-whisk, but the whipper works best for making slow gin fizzes or something – I honestly don’t know). The sake set I owned for a small period even though I don’t really enjoy sake.

Who knows.

All I know is that I sat around eating my fried rice with chopsticks and feeling smug because I can both make fried rice and eat it with chopsticks.

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