I’ve been surfing in search of a top eggnog recipe. I mean, I’m having an eggnog party on Saturday it would be poor form to have no nog, right? I can’t find one that I like, though, so if you have any suggestions I’d be happy to take them.

But what I’m really thinking about today are funny, intelligent, attractive men.

Pretend to be surprised.

More specifically I’m thinking about those men out there who are funny, smart, good-looking and et cetera, but remain single. Anyone, actually, who is apparently perfect yet remains single. My mother would say, and rightly so, that no one is perfect, however the question is still the same even without the perfection.

What is it that you think when you see Mr Perfect or Miss Perfect with a “single” in their relationship status (thank you, fb)? I know my immediate thought is “Oh, grab that one before anyone else finds out!” but after that you probably start to try to figure it out.

You go through the normal and obvious reasons:
She snores.
He has deep mental issues that only come out after six months of dating.
She has history of violence.
He is from a broken family.
She has daddy issues.

I never consider things that make me single, though, which is really unfair. Since I’m single and have none of those problems that I listed above, you would think that I would come up with some reasons that are close to mine. Reasons like work or refusal to settle.

Though perhaps we all think ourselves totally normal and awesome so we never notice our own imperfections.

Like me, for instance. I’m totally awesome.

Not normal, but hey. Normal isn’t any fun anyway.

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  1. fibermom · December 19, 2009

    I think that 35 or 45 year old women might be justified in wondering why men in their age ranges aren’t attached. When you dated a guy in his 30s, I privately wondered about that just a little bit. But guys in their 20s, like girls in their 20s, are often just too young to have gotten around to it yet. They’ve been playing the field 9as we used to say in my youth) or concentrating on their careers and haven’t been ready to settle down.

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