Stress Induced ADD

I’ve been suffering from insomnia for a few days now, I think sleeping issues run in my family, but for about three days there I was getting only one or two hours of sleep a night. I would feel really tired, obviously, but just couldn’t settle in to sleep.

And it is the settling that creeps into my waking hours when I can’t sleep.

I’m not necessarily mean, though my temper is shorter than normal. I’m not necessarily dragging, though physically worn out. I do, however, find that I am easily distracted and move from topic to topic with no concern of how relevant it may be.

Last night I did sleep, though fitfully, so we’re hoping for a return to my normal, dead-to-the-world brand of sleep fairly soon.

Also, I’m coveting the Palm Pixi except for the fact that it has zero WiFi capabilities.

What kind of smartphone has no WiFi?!

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