I’ve got all these things that have been happening. However, as is often the case, there are too many things to sift through in order to find something to write about.

Work is going at a wildly fast pace, my dating life is exciting as always, my apartment is a disaster area and winter is fast approaching.

I’m rotating out old, bad-influence friends and bringing round a new set as well as refreshing old connections that were greatly missed. I’m learning to cook in new and kosher ways. I’ve decided to continue my journey into adulthood and away from college student by learning to apply good makeup swiftly. I’ve decided to continue my journey into adulthood by getting my company to pay for my Masters.

I’ve finally come to my senses and decided to stop picking fights in bars. I’ve also decided not to go around in bars by myself if it can be helped. I’ve been reading my way through the Bible and Irreligion simultaneously. Also knitting while watching BritComs.

I’ve chosen to stop working for a philanthropy that doesn’t really want what I can do. I’ve begun to work more for the family business and I’m particularly enjoying the learning that’s involved. I’ve sorted through the memorabilia from my world travels and any day now will start to put everything into a scrapbook.

In a new ensemble and loving that.
Learning about soccer, not from my soccer player boyfriend, but from his friends who admire my spunk and dedication.
Playing RockBand with friends in an attempt to get more songs for parties.
Going to unusual and new places, just so I can say I’ve been.
Working out regularly.
Planning to get my shoulder fixed this upcoming year – JJ as well, and he’s fond of saying that together we’ll make one complete person. I’m fond of saying “How will we manage to drive?”

And now I must head off to a luncheon to which I must bring a side. As long as I don’t get sidetracked by jewelry along the way, I might just make it in time.

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  1. fibermom · October 11, 2009

    Woo hoo!

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