Welcome to October! I purchased an extra bag of flour and an extra bag of sugar and feel smug for some reason. As though I have cheated Flylady at her own game. This is, naturally, preposterous since I’ve done nothing on the Holiday Grand Plan until that one thing. I’ve not considered what to do for gifts, who will come to my party, or how I will deal with Christmas cards. Not to mention that fact that I don’t actually have a front porch, so how am I supposed to do the rest of it anyway?

JJ has a game this evening at 1130p which means I won’t be home until about 1a. Don’t feel sorry for me, it’s my own fault. I don’t get to attend his games anymore and I am a supportive person by action, so Thursday at bedtime it is.

I’ve taken a nap to counteract the effects of exhaustion and will knit/watch a movie until time to go.

This is the first evening in weeks where I really had nothing to do in the evening so I took full advantage of it by acting like it was Saturday morning. I made blueberry pancakes for dinner, made myself a chai latte, and fell asleep watching Kate & Leopold. That was 630. I woke back up at 9 with a really sticky mouth and brushed my teeth.


This weekend will be all about The Business save a dance demo and massive barbeque that JJ and I will be attending. I really have that as a plan in my calendar. And we all know that if it’s in my calendar then it’s getting done.

Check and check.

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  1. fibermom · October 3, 2009

    Clean your bathroom today, and you’ll have done this week’s cleaning. Bake some cookies for your freezer, and you’ll really be on the HGP.

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