“You’re a loyal fan,” he said to me as he adjusted the strap on his soccer bag. “Mind if I join you?”

I had been sitting, as usual, behind the spectator’s shield. I was working on various things – an article, some linkbuilding leads, analysis – which is also a usual thing for me. I told him that of course he could have a seat.

“Do you just like soccer or something?” he asked me.
“I can’t say I know anything about it, no,” I replied. “I just kind of like watching live sports.”

I introduced myself and upon hearing my name he said “Oh! Well, it’s great to finally meet you. You’re all we hear about pre-game, sometimes!”

Shortly thereafter he showed me what he referred to as The Basics of Ball Handling. To me it looked like The Advanced Book of Ball Handling, but there it is. He suggested that I come out and play in the lower league sometime, saying that if I just said when I’d be there he’d come show me the ropes.

I always feel like mentioning that I don’t have a well developed team sports muscle, but I don’t think it would help.

It’s like the time I was taken rock climbing on a date. In his defense, I do know a lot about rock climbing but not because I am a rock climber. My brothers are rock climbers so I read about it in order to have an idea what they are doing. It just so happens that I am also able to talk about it in a fairly convincing manner as well.

I should probably stop doing that.

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