My Fabulous Day

I spent all day at work, went to work at the church, did some linkbuilding, went to a soccer game, and then came home and did some more linkbuilding while watching a movie.

It’s been something of a stressful day what with boy problems cropping up like they do.

I say boy problems but really it’s a me problem. It’s a problem with me not having any idea what I want. I imagine that I want someone who is something like me. I imagine that I need someone who is remotely my equal. I probably need someone who can be really, really stable.

That last one is not because I’m unstable. It’s more because I can really drum up a lot of stress.

I change plans regularly. I go out of my way to learn new things. I plan to do things I find uncomfortable from time to time. My plans are you make you change your plans. I keep doing my thing and absorb you into it. You may get a ‘based on a true story’ story written about you.

I’m not a girl for the faint of heart.

So who, then, is the right sort of guy for me? Atheists are a no, I’ve discovered, though I’ve also discovered that evangelistic conservatives are not what I’m looking for either. Someone with an appreciation for the arts is preferable, but I’m not sure I could go entirely without analytical thought. Fit is good, but unnecessarily competitive is not. Willing to do new stuff with me is extremely important, but even doing old stuff with me is important. I don’t want things to be entirely separate yet to have absolutely no personal space is not my idea of fun either.

I’m aware, also, that this highly ambiguous, man of perfection may never exist. I’m aware that I will have to compromise and not get everything my way.

That does not, however, make it anymore fun to figure this out.

Whatev. It’s bedtime.

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