Those Girls and Those Boys

There has been a change in personnel here. Those Girls remain mostly the same with Sassie and La Russe as the main partners in crime, me as That Girl.

Smiling to myself.

Those Boys, however, have changed a bit. The last time I referenced them I believe it was college and consisted of That Tulsan, That Nurse, That Film Artist and That RGP Pants guy.

Since then we’ve had considerable turnover most notably Those Rural Boys and Those Musician Boys. We’ve now moved on to those Those Yuppy Boys.

At least that’s what I think we’ve come to.

That Med Student, That Lawyer, That Engineer, That Architect. Somewhere in there are loads of That Computer Guy boys, but they resent when I put it that way.

These boys are all very fun and all are involved in things I’ve never joined in on. They play soccer, go mountain biking, and every last one of them is currently trying to get me to teach them how to cook.

JJ and I had our third cooking experiement yesterday and it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. There is an extent to which “paying attention during cooking” is a foreign concept so there was a lot of burned food. There was also quite a bit of “We’re not really putting that in there, are we?” although the shopping was done properly at least.

I would call it a step in the right direction except for the fact that I did the shopping with him. Hard to say that it was a miraculous turnaround in the shopping knowledge when I tell you that.

Phases, my friends. Phases.

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  1. fibermom · August 14, 2009

    The proper term for Computer Guys in the plural is “the guys” or if you are in the UK you can say “the lads” or “the boys.” Female Computer Guys are included in these terms, much like the dwarves in Terry Pratchett novels.

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