I was cruising Yahoo! Answers this morning, doing some social media research when I stopped to actually look at some of the things people are writing in there. It’s not like Wikipedia where there is some semblance of editing and attention to detail. People will just tear in there and say anything they please.

Anything they please.

I was looking at the sections for alternative medicines/home remedies. I stopped by the forum about taking Aleve and Tylenol together since that is something I know about anyway and I figured I could gauge the usefullness.What you find when you go there are things that wouldn’t score for passing in a Kindergarten class.

These are my favorites.
“i would definitely not do tat. its really bad to get them mixed up. try asking a pharmacists first. DO NOT TRY THIS @ HOME!!!”

“no that would be to much wash you mouth out with mouth wash”

“you can take them semi together…. “

And they never go away as far as I can tell. If you post something really stupid, like the guy who asked what to do now that he’s gotten his girlfriend pregnant via webcam, then not only is everyone going to make fun of you with really bad grammar, but also your children’s children will probably be able to find that nonsense.

Yea, the children of the children you created via webcam while your girlfriend was in Warsaw and you were in Tennessee.

Here’s the real kicker, too. You can spot the SEO for no other reason than because it’s spelled correctly and has some shot at being a coherent thought. Oh, and the link doesn’t do it any favors either.

In case you can’t fathom what I’m talking about, here is my favorite depiction/dramatic read-through of this garbage.


  1. fibermom · July 29, 2009

    The links are nofollow, too. However, they can definitely send some good traffic.

  2. chanthaboune · July 29, 2009

    @fibermom – Yea, and yahoo makes you pay for editing or something useless like that.

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