I have decided that I spend an inordinate amount of time doing this shopping thing. I never used to even care about shopping let alone enjoy it. My shopping time during my senior year of high school probably totaled less than twenty-four hours. However, this has appears to have changed.

This month alone I have participated in shopping excursions that lasted no less than four hours at a time. If we assume I did this once a week (which I have… if we count modestly) then that’s already 16 hours. Woo! Talk about a marathon.

Still, I enjoy it. I enjoy everything except the buying of shoes. Shoes are of the devil and the devil may take them.

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  1. TheWaterJar says:

    well, women’s shoes don’t appear to be the most comfortable things in the world…and they are extremely hazardous when left in particular places (such as on stairs) where i can’t see them as i’m stumbling in a sleepy stupor downstairs, get tangled up in all the crazy straps and bells and whistles and pointy heels, and fall in a chaotic tangle of arms, legs, and shoes down the remainder of the stairs. :   |   peace.


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