there are those times in your life when you look at a person you know and suddenly realise what a blessing they are to you. you might spend one day a year with them, one hour a day or every waking moment and they still will never cease to be a source of unending wisdom.

when you find these people, take the time to be with them. take time to listen, to comfort, to laugh, to cheer. the time to Hope, to play, to talk. time to hear, to embrace, to sing, to tell. take even one moment of your time to tell them how important they are, how lovely, how intricate. tell them how special, how careful, how wonderful, how insightful. tell them how you pray for them, how you care about them, how you appreciate them.

tell them how much you love them.

sincerely, pokey

One comment

  1. fibermom · November 9, 2004

    Well, I’ll just take this opportunity to remind you that I love you.


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