“He seems so familiar” I thought as the white cotton yarn passed between my fingers. I was making quick work of my knitting while my mind sped faster toward an answer, not to the disjointed movie we all watched but rather to the gnawing question of who this guy reminded me of.

“Tall, lean, blond and the definition of velvet masculinity. ~*movie noise… a scream*~ It could only be one person. Alpha Male. Why do you always associate that with him? The only improvement on that image of a man would be dark hair… ~*they would never let a person like me carry a gun*~ poor Alpha… there would be a number of improvements – not that you could make them – like some constancy from our strange friendship. ~*concentrate, concentrate. just write it down. write it down before you forget*~ Is it that everything else about him is so perfect or that he is just more perfect than what you’ve seen before? Surely not… ooo. Dropped a stitch.”

~*movie noise… I can say whatever I want to you and you won’t remember a damn thing! We’ll still be best friends in the morning.*~

The slip of my fingers and the numb of the cold wind blasting through the door served to remind me of where I was. Not that I didn’t know. It’s easier to have entire thought processes when you are concentrating on them. It helps you to complete your thoughts if you don;t get distracted. However, I find that sometimes I’d rather be distracted than get to the end of that thread.

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  1. Anonymous · October 17, 2004

    hey!! its been ALONG time since I have been on lol ..my internship is over with now 🙁 but it was awesome fun! ..I was at the Juvenile services place and shodowed some officers and probation people ..one of the kids got mad and got up in my face and cursed me lol but that was the only bad thing!!  So how have you been these past weeks?

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