Hey there you.

I have been told more than once now that it is too hard to read my site. You tell me. If it’s overwhelming one way or another, we will do something drastic. Like Xanga surgery. It will become the new Nip/Tuck of the Net.

6 thoughts on “

  1. WJCBari06 says:

    I have no problem with it; besides, if you change it, we’ve lost the color we named “‘Pokey’s xanga’ red”. Well, maybe not lost the color…but it would be so much less cool if it were as simple as…say…mine.


  2. fibermom says:

    I told you it’s the old people who have trouble. Can you leave the edges Pokey’s Xanga Red and make the middle light? or else you could email it to Kathy every day, but then she’ll miss the comments. And what about all the other old people out there, wishing they could read your xanga?


  3. fibermom says:

    Was she the rebound girl? Or was she in the background when you came along, made his life exciting for a while, and then took off? At which point he might have noticed her, realized that he wasn’t up to the heartbreakers, and happily hooked up with someone less challenging. Of course, I’m making all this up. I don’t know anything about it. I hope they’ll be very happy. We always said that, nice boy though he was, he was too nervous to link his life with yours.


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