Ah man. It’s been a long long week, ladies and gents. Let’s see if I have any more creative merit left in my body.

I tugged at the waistband of my gray loungepants as I listened to the extremely verbose explanation of who should stand where. There were nearly twenty of us in all and the overwhelming concensus was that we would all rather be doing homework. I try to pay attention but the words *it’s time to try defying gravity* are constantly running through my head. It’s a wonderful song, guys, but it’s hard to sing a song when you have a different one stuck in your head! We rushed headlong into motions and movements that I was never there to learn and as I stumbled along in an entirely undignified fashion, all I could think of was *we’re flying high, defying gravity,* while the notes for Les Mis came sweeping forth from the piano. For two excrutiating hours we were directed, herded and forced to conform to ideas like “I want you in four lines that aren’t like lines” and “I want you to, like, act.”

Honey, I would love to do that, but at this late hour you’re lucky I’m standing. Please just tell me what a line that isn’t a line is? If your answer deals with physics or any other concrete science… I will quit.

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  1. TheWaterJar · September 17, 2004

    maybe she meant a staggered line.
    wankmaster jaam

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