From an Email Entitled “Further Evidence That Online Knitting Advice Contains Weird Stuff”

And here it is.


1. Stay indoors and knit in air conditioned places.

2. If your home is not air conditioned, take knitting to closest or all LYS.

3. Wear loose fitting, lightweight, or NO clothing while knitting

4. NEVER, NEVER, leave your knitting in a closed parked vehicle.

5. Frequently check on wool and mentally ill knitters.

6. If outdoors knit in shaded areas.

7. Knit in swimming pool whenever possible.

8. KEEP HYDRATED, Drink lots of your favorite adult beverages while knitting. FAVORITE ONLINE SOCK PATTERN Go to Google and type “Drunken Master Sock Pattern” for some reason I cannot link to it directly. SOCK PATTERNS FOR POOL KNITTING Lisa Parker YIDDISH LESSON Mecheich pronounced me-chai-eh– delicious, pleasure, pure joy Upon entering the pool in the summer heat Oma would say” Oye, such a mecheich!”. Vhat, you want I should be lonely?”

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