Tonight I looked up into the sky and saw an unending blanket of sparkling stars. The subtle and timeless beauty of these stars was accentuated by the floating melodies of O Mio Babbino Caro and Nessun Dorma sung by operatic greats. Soaring music is the only way to accompany a firework show.

Every single eye in the crowd reflected the glittering sparks that floated and danced hundreds of feet above their heads and as I looked at the awe-stricken spectators, I imagined each reflected spark was the joy that you only see in an inspired idea.

Each little glitter in those eyes seemed like dear hopes and dreams that just brushed the surface of the soul and just as quickly dove deep into the mind once more.

These dreams, hopes, questions, moments of genious… these are all the things we live for. Some of us live to nurture these ideas while others of us live to ensure for all posterity the right to make mistakes and find a new way. Others of us live to be an example to those who lack the confidence or self-motivation to bring those dreams to life. Whatever you live for, make your life something that anyone could be proud of (and by anyone I mean your mom, your teachers, your friends… anyone) and never be afraid to push the envelope a little!

Sincerely, Pokey

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