Girl Scout Cookies

I have a Girl Scout cookie problem. They are nice delectable little sweets, as we all know, and there are two ways that people eat them: frozen or all at once when you receive your order. I am a frozen cookie eater, myself.

They come in many shapes and sizes for our various gluttonous moods. Lemon shortbread for when you’re feeling sassy. Regular shortbread for when you’re feeling classy. Chocolate dipped shortbread – my personal favorite since it’s the best for dipping in milk.

Caramel delights for coconut lovers, peanut butter patties in case you just want a heart attack in a package (which I do). Thin mints for the traditionalists, peanut butter sandwiches, cranberry infused cookies, and a new Dulce de Leche to hit on the salted caramel fad.

I love them all. I’m not going to lie, they are all tasty. Tasty for a single cookie and then I don’t want anymore, of course. I know loads of Scouts, too, so I always end up with enough boxes to entertain for a year.

What I have against Girl Scout cookies is a quote from the side of the box : “The Girl Scout Cookie Program promote financial skills such as goal setting, decision-making, customer service and money management.”

Excuse me?

When was the last time you saw a Scout selling her own boxes of cookies? Or managing the monetary parts? Or delivering the boxes after sorting them? Or really doing anything other than what their mothers told them?

Don’t get me wrong, guidance is important and all, but there is a point at which is just a mom party. Super Moms all coming together to get their daughters the biggest prizes so that we can all further learn to keep up with the Jones’.

But who I am to complain? Those Super Moms have made it possible for me to have seven boxes of cookies so I can have one out of each.

Except the Thanks-A-Lots. Don’t come between me and my Thanks-A-Lots.


  1. danceyogamom · January 12, 2010

    those boxes sell themselves …

  2. fibermom · January 14, 2010

    You’re absolutely right. What’s more, there’s no investment on the part of the girls, so it’s not similar at all to real life.

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