It has been brought to my attention that by serializing my novel, I am actually just confusing people to the ends of the earth. So now it is done and I am back. I apologize to both of my James’ for confusing them.

Only one more room to do! It’s so late because I couldn’t manage to open the door. And then last night 2East and I (4East), spent an incredible amount of time helping one of my residents move in and move around.

So I have to go finish said room before it’s resident moves in tonight.

woo hoo!

Sincerely, Pokey


  1. fibermom · August 22, 2004

    I like your novel though!

  2. dodsonj · August 22, 2004

    Pokey????? yes, ma’am!
    Thanks for the heads up, now I shall root around the dorm for someone to SASS!

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