Meet me. The name’s Isabella Biondi. 24 year-old artist cum fashion photographer for Au Courant, at your service. Measuring a good 5’10” and weighing in at a whopping 120 pounds, I had tried my hand at being the fashion plate but was too “difficult” to allow people to fawn over my make-up and hair for three hours. They called it difficult, I call it individual and free-spirited. I live in one of those industrial-style lofts which means it looks as though the builders were too lazy to put up some drywall, but I mask it well using photos from my personal stash. You see, the photos I do at work are meant to make money, but the photos I take because I am an artist are meant to captivate the eye and imagination. The largest pieces include a picture of the striking profile of my Aunt Marian, the owner and co-founder of Au Courant, a picture of my best friend Kate’s tousled bright red hair and also a picture of Baron in a twisting yoga pose silhouetted against a gray sky.

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  1. Anonymous · August 16, 2004

    I was actually in Nixa, Missouri - longtime home of my mother’s parents.  Jewellian Luke Landry is also de Nixa.
    So you make scarves?? That’s fascinating.  My mother crocheted one for me when I was little but now I have mostly designer ones.  My mom can’t put the Gucci logo on hers :).
    Also, are any of your photographs for sale or display online?

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