1. sexican5_2 · July 9, 2004

    Hey kid havent talked to you in a while.  Been out of the loop.  hope things are going well.  God bless.

  2. justanothernonconformist · July 9, 2004

    Thanks for the nice comment!  If you are going to be the RA of the 3rd floor of Browning then YES!!!!  I hope it is you!  That would be so much fun!  I look forward to seeing you again.  Enjoy the rest of your summer :).

  3. dodsonj · July 10, 2004

    Miss ya darlin’ lookin’ forward to seein’ ya!

  4. fibermom · July 10, 2004

    Have a good time and be really careful! You know how tricky that highway 71 can be — one moment of inattention and there you are in Tulsa!

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